What about me?


So it seems that not everyone lives in Southern California or in New York City. Weird right?

Totally weird. But weird is good. Like, you ever see someone so normal that it's weird? So what does weird even mean? Should we ask Portland?

And like even if they are weird, is that a reason to withhold compositional gold? Do not weirdos want to learn? And is it good marketing to call those who might pay you to learn weird?

Get to the point already!!
— third grade teacher


Since it's a one day workshop, relatively inexpensive, and a very limited size, it's fairly easy to plan for more workshops in different places.

If you are interested in a workshop where you are (or want to get updated with news and dates and stuff) just fill out this little formadoodle and let's get the started party! (I started already. Obviously.)

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