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 What we will cover

  • Marketing
  • Finding your voice
  • Film developing
  • Believing in yourself
  • Composition
  • Finding the perfect client
  • The history and political significance of retrofocus lenses
  • SEO and blogging
  • Shooting in manual
  • Posing
  • How to take the perfect selfie
  • Printing and framing
  • Photography and social justice
  • How to create ridiculous websites
  • Fine Art and you

why composition?

I've been pretty obsessed with composition for some time now (yes, I realize how ambiguous that is), and I feel like it's an oft-ignored aspect of photography, especially in the wacky world of workshops. I mean we talk about the rule of thirds and what not (golden rule, what up?!), but the why and what of it all, why we need composition and what it even is, we are left to figure out on our own.

Composition is not just where to put our subjects so all looks good. Composition is to images what grammar is to words. Without it, our stories can be incoherent, aimless, and confusing. It’s what takes a plot and turns it into a story, maybe even poetry. In this workshop you will learn to use all the elements of photography (focal length, aperture, shutter speed, etc.) and the world out there (the “things” that come together to make a photo) to tell remarkable narratives (actually that's a bid of a stretch. If you have a remarkable narrative, then this workshop will help you express that via the photos you take).