who is this shindig for anyways?


It's for documentarians! All ye who seek to document life through the magic medium (it truly is magical) of photography come hither! Gather round the electric campfire of distilled pixel juice and find the fountain of compositional wisdom.

Whether you photograph your own life or others; paid or not; weddings or funerals; war or peace; if you want to improve your storytelling through the calculated use of your camera and the world out there, this workshop is for you. Unless of course you know all this stuff like really well, then maybe it's not.

It's not particularly geared towards a certain level of photographer. I really feel that almost all will gain (though from past experience those with the most experience gained the most). We will be throwing around a lot of camera and industry terms so a basic understanding of how a camera works will really help (if you don't have that, I suggest reading Understanding Exposure before the workshop :) ).